Crabbes RO Plant shuts down operations temporarily to prevent contamination from reported oil spill

Following an oil spill in waters close to the station, the Crabbes Reverse Osmosis Plant has been taken offline as a precautionary measure, sources tell REAL News.

Sources claim that the oil emanated from a private power-generating operation; but, up to press time, there was no official confirmation of such a leak.

Persons working at the APUA-owned facility say the oil poses a potential threat to the plant’s lines and equipment and could contaminate the potable water the Crabbes facility generates. Hence, the decision was taken to close operations until the oil leak has been contained and cleaned up.

It is not known how long the plant will be down and how this situation will affect distribution to households. However, it is known that the Crabbes station serves quite a number of communities and private water distributors.