The UPP will put measures in place – including community policing – to tackle and reduce gun crimes, Lovell promises

The United Progressive Party (UPP) will ensure that proper measures are put in place to tackle the rise in gun-related crimes, says Political Leader Harold Lovell.

Lovell says the sitting Administration should not want this situation to get out of control and, accordingly, should move urgently to tackle it.

Despite the increasing reports of crimes that involved the use of firearms – including July’s double-murder of a husband and wife in the Golden Grove area – the Government, through its Public Safety Minister Steadroy “Cutie” Benjamin, has said nothing on the issue.

Crime is on the rise, but, unsurprisingly, there is no clear plan coming from the Browne Administration, Lovell says. However, he pledges that a UPP Administration will put a policy in place to tackle and reduce gun offences.

He notes that crime affects everyone and is not a problem only for the Police, who cannot solve crimes without the assistance of the public.

Accordingly, the Political Leader says it will take a community effort to turn the tide. Therefore, a return to the community-policing strategy will be critical to reversing the situation.