Residents being warned that counterfeit EC currency is now in circulation, as fake notes are passed in two business places

Residents are advised to pay close attention to the Eastern Caribbean (EC) currency in circulation, as there are reports of two business places having been targeted by persons spending counterfeit money.    

It is alleged that a man attempted to use a counterfeit $100-note to pay for goods at Cool and Smooth, and one of the business owners telephoned the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) and reported the matter.

Reports say the Potters man who attempted to pass the fake bill was taken into custody, along with the note, and was assisting the Police with investigations into the matter.

The incident reportedly occurred on February 1 on All Saints Road.

Meanwhile, the Finance Controller at the Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre is said to have reported to the CID that a Cassada Gardens resident had handed a counterfeit $100-note to the cashier at the medical facility.

The money was handed over to the Police, and the resident reportedly explained that she had received the money from her child’s father, who also resides in Cassada Gardens.

However, initial efforts by the Police to reach the man proved futile.

This incident reportedly occurred at about 2 p.m. on February 3.