A.S. Bryden and Workers Union express satisfaction with negotiations that led to a new agreement and salary increases

Another set of employees has benefitted from the keen negotiating skills of the Antigua and Barbuda Workers’ Union (ABWU).

Employees of A.S. Bryden and Sons Antigua Ltd. who are covered by the Collective Agreement between the company and the Union will benefit from a 9 percent pay increase – to be implemented in increments of 3 percent annually across the three-year contract.

Lucette James, the human resource officer at A.S. Bryden, says the company and the Union had forged a longstanding relationship that is “based on mutual respect, trust and communication.”

James says the company recognizes that “employees had been through a lot” over the past two years (during the pandemic) but had also been “extraordinarily patient.”

Accordingly, the company is hopeful about the future and considers the new agreement an investment in its employees.

She describes the contract negotiations as cordial and commended newly assigned Industrial Relations Officer Hugh Joseph for facilitating a smooth transition.  Joseph, meanwhile, agrees that the discussions yielded a satisfactory outcome.

The HR officer also spoke highly of Shop Steward Kernard Bonnie, who, she says, provided sound leadership among the staff.

The new Collective Agreement covers the period January 2023 to December 2025.