MBS launches 2023 ‘testimonial’ calendar to help persons diagnosed with chronic diseases live their lives to the fullest

The Medical Benefits Scheme (MBS) has launched its 2023 calendar, and it is being used to help persons diagnosed with any of the 11 chronic conditions covered by the Scheme to live their best and fullest lives.

Dr. Janelle Charles-Williams, the communications and marketing manager at MBS, says the calendar was launched under the theme “Staying Alive.”  It highlights 11 people – men, women and children – who have been diagnosed with a chronic condition but are managing it exceptionally well.

In sharing their stories, Charles-Williams says, these brave persons are showing how they have managed to rise above their medical struggles.

The calendars are available to the public in hard copies and online, she says.

Charles-Williams says that MBS beneficiaries, especially those with a chronic disease, can read the respective testimonies; take them to heart; and use them as a guide in their own personal situation.

The communications and marketing manager commends those who were a part of the initiative, saying that in spite of their medical issues, they still found the time to help others who are struggling to cope with their diseases.

Meanwhile, Charles-Williams is encouraging residents to join the MBS this year in its usual annual activities.  One such event is the Heartbeat Walk slated for February 19.

The MBS supplies medication for beneficiaries who suffer from asthma, hypertension, diabetes and cancer among other conditions.