DeFreitas invited to collaborate with opponent on community-development plans, but says Benjamin is averse to real work

The United Progressive Party (UPP) candidate for St. John’s City South says he has been asked to collaborate with his political opponent and allow the sitting representative to use his ideas to develop the constituency.

Franz deFreitas ran against the Antigua Labour Party’s Steadroy “Cutie” Benjamin and lost at the January 18 polls.

However, since then, deFreitas says, overtures have been made by a member of Benjamin’s campaign team, who has tried to persuade him to hold talks with Benjamin about his plans for City South.

Allegedly, the Labour Party representative wishes to implement some of the development plans deFreitas has been espousing for months.

But sharing his ideas does not mean that Benjamin will be able to implement them properly, deFreitas says.  And he notes that Benjamin does not have a track record of doing anything meaningful or positive for the people of City South.

DeFreitas says he does not believe Benjamin is interested in doing any real work – and work is necessary for the successful implementation of his plans.

Meanwhile, the UPP candidate says he will be travelling to the United States – very soon – with the intention of creating partnerships that will enable him to implement some of the programmes in his community manifesto.