Mussington says General Election has left Barbudans charged up and ready for the ALP in upcoming Council elections

Barbudans are charged up and ready for the biennial Council elections slated for a date in March, says local activist John Mussington.

He says the January 18 General Election proved that Barbudans are determined not to allow the Antigua Labour Party to come in, take over, and cause more destruction than what has already taken place on the sister-island.

And although the people were hoping for a different outcome, generally, at the polls, they will not relent in preserving the island and their livelihood, Mussington declares.

According to the activist, the Barbuda Council is the link between Prime Minister Gaston Browne’s Administration taking a firm hold on the island and the freedom of the people.

With this in mind, he says, Barbudans are charged up for the impending polls and are prepared to fight to their last breath, since the Council is their only protection from this wicked administration.

During the 2022 Budget Presentation, Browne, the Finance Minister, had announced that the Council’s allotment would be slashed.

However, Mussington says the resilient people of the sister-island have been surviving – even without the allocation that is used to pay wages and salaries, which are behind by several weeks.

And, he points out, this fact did not sway Barbudans in the General Election and it will not impact the Council elections, either.