Chaia apologizes for defamation, while Lovell warns other ALP operatives that he will go ‘all the way’ on any future lies

Harold Lovell says he feels vindicated by the outcome of a legal matter in which he sued Antigua Labour Party (ALP) mouthpiece Donna Chaia.

In March of this year, Chaia spewed a number of untruths claiming Lovell was involved in the Odebrecht bribery scandal, which were broadcast on the radio station affiliated with Prime Minister Gaston Browne.

Accordingly, Lovell, the Political Leader of the United Progressive Party and an attorney by profession, sued her for defamation of character.

In the course of mediation, Chaia opted to settle the matter by offering Lovell a public apology – via the same medium – for what she admits were her “own personal opinions,” adding “I do not have any information which ties you to the scandal.”

Earlier, when Lovell signaled his intention to pursue legal recourse, Prime Minister Browne promised to pay Chaia’s fees.

Now, in addition to issuing the apology, she has been ordered to pay costs to Lovell’s attorney, Charlesworth Tabor.

No matter how those in the Labour Party camp try to downplay Chaia’s apology, it is an admission of being wrong, Lovell states.

Meanwhile, he is warning other ALP operatives to stop spreading lies about him, because on the next occasion he will go all the way with the matter.

Supporters of Lovell tell REAL News they find Chaia’s excuse “lame” and “insincere” and that her manner of delivery was “quite flippant.”

“She meant what she said,” one angry man declares, adding that he is “too sorry the matter did not go to trial, so that she would have to pay for her mouth.”