Video documents warri-board, water-filled road in Swetes, while resident notes that Gov’t can afford to stage free concerts

Thursday’s rainfall has made a waterway out of a marl road located in Swetes Village, according to a video making the rounds on social media.

The footage, which was shot before 8 a.m. today, Friday, December 23, is two minutes and 23 seconds long.  It shows a soaked and muddy road with water-filled potholes – some several feet long or wide – punctuating the surface, much like the traditional warri-board, while the video-taper’s vehicle lurches through the ruts.

“This is a government that pays big artistes to come and have free shows, but can’t take care of basic things like this road,” a resident gripes.  

“The sad thing is, that for nine years, after [inheriting] many roads with sidewalks in place – just to be paved – these people still can’t complete them.  Plus, they got funding to do the main roads.  ALP needs to pay back Antiguans for the future loss they’ve caused,” the man says.

The parliamentary representative for Swetes Village, Jamale Pringle, has complained for the past four years that the Government has neglected his constituency – particularly in infrastructure – because it is not an Antigua Labour Party (ALP) seat.

Most recently, political observers noted that, while Pringle was stymied in his efforts to build a public restroom at Morris Bay, other persons who are ALP-aligned – but not elected – such as the candidates for All Saints East & St. Luke and for St. Peter – have faced no such challenges in their election bids.