Finch murder investigation suffers a setback, so supporters of victim call for ‘love gathering’ at courthouse tomorrow

The psychiatric assessment of the young woman found by Police in the house of murder victim Jane Finch is not yet complete. 

Sources close to the family say Finch’s relatives were informed today, January 26, that the Government’s psychiatrist requires more time to determine the mental state of Brittany Jno-Baptiste, who is a person of interest in the murder investigation.

Therefore, the source tells REAL News, at her next court appearance – scheduled for tomorrow, January 26 – she will charged only with breaking and entering, once again.

Meanwhile, supporters of Finch’s family are being asked to rally outside the All Saints Magistrates Court tomorrow, at 9 a.m., “to show the court you expect #Justice for Jane,” a WhatsApp message says.

The message adds that the gathering “is to show love for Jane and not anger towards the system.”

However, friends of the slain woman tell our News Room that they are, in fact, angry and disgusted by the system and what they see as foot-dragging by officials.