African Snail population has decreased in certain places, but vacant land is still attracting large numbers, Gore-Francis says

While there has not been much talk of late about the Giant African Snail, Dr. Janil Gore-Francis, the Chief Plant Protection Officer, says the Plant Protection Unit is still finding large numbers of the invasive species at locations across the island.

Persons are still collecting and disposing of the snails, Gore-Francis says, and this has resulted in dwindling populations in some areas.  

However, they remain a problem, as vacant plots of land – which attract a large number of snails – have been creating an issue for the Unit.

Therefore, the Chief Plant Protection Officer advises that persons who own such vacant properties should try to ensure they are free of the creatures.

While it has been found that there are some natural enemies of the snails, this method of eradicating them cannot be relied upon, warns Dr. Gore-Francis, as there is a high propagation of the pests in some areas.

Since salt is not good for the soil and can create another problem in the future, Dr. Gore-Francis says that collecting the snails before putting salt on them is the best method of disposal.