Wounding with intent costs Potters man $15,000 in compensation to his victim – or extended stay in 1735

A Potters Village man now has to pay thousands of dollars in compensation after his actions caused injury to another person.

On December 2, a jury found Marlon Joseph guilty of wounding with intent to do grievous bodily harm. His sentencing was postponed, however, pending certain administrative matters.

When he reappeared before Justice Collin Williams, Joseph was ordered to pay $15,000 in compensation to the victim, who received serious injuries during an altercation between the two. 

Joseph had to pay $2,000 forthwith, or, in default, he would have served one year in prison.

Justice Williams also ordered that another payment of $2,600 be paid by January 31, 2023, or, in default, Joseph will serve a sentence of one year.

The same amount has to be paid each month thereafter until the compensation sum is paid in full.  If Joseph misses any of the payments, he will be imprisoned for one year for each missed payment – all to run consecutively.

Meanwhile, an ex-employee of Special Security Services is being accused of stealing from his former employer.

The security company’s monitoring supervisor is said to have reported to the Police that the former employee, a Golden Grove resident, removed one police body camera, valued at $3,000, from the company’s compound.

Police are investigating this incident, which reportedly occurred sometime between November 21 and December 13 at Lower All Saints Road.