Given list of public-safety fails, UPP City South Candidate wonders how PM Browne could commend ‘Cutie’ Benjamin

Franz deFreitas says that Prime Minister Gaston Browne appears to be delusional – based on commendations he gave to Steadroy “Cutie” Benjamin, Minister of Justice and Legal Affairs, claiming that he is doing an excellent job and keeping the country safe.

Browne made the comments during the Antigua Labour Party’s launch of its slate for the January 18, 2023, General Election.

Under Benjamin’s stewardship, there have been strikes by both inmates and prison officers; a critical shortage of fire tenders; the inability of police officers to get the tools required for the job; and a mounting increase in robberies and break-ins.

Accordingly, with all these issues lying at the feet of Minister Benjamin, deFreitas wants to know how he could have received such commendations.

But in spite of what Browne says, the people know differently, deFreitas points out, since they are the ones being affected on a daily basis by the rise in criminal activity.

DeFreitas, the UPP Candidate for St. John’s City South, says the incumbent has done nothing for those who have elected him to office for several decades; hence, Benjamin cannot be expected to care about anyone else.

He is confident that, in the upcoming election, constituents will remove Benjamin in exchange for better representation.