Police officers said to be skeptical about sexual offenses reported by one of their own; accused to appear in court today

Law-enforcement sources claim that a young man in St. John’s has been arrested and charged with sexual offenses against a female police officer, and her colleagues reportedly are quite skeptical about the matter.

REAL News was reliably informed that the accused is to be taken before the St. John’s Magistrates Court today, Thursday, December 15, and it is expected that an application for bail will be made.

Our Newsroom cannot name the accused since it is prohibited by the Sexual Offenses Act.  The law stipulates that once a person is charged or indicted for a sexual offense, then that person’s name cannot be published.  

However, insiders say this case is the source of much muttering among police officers, who allege that the accused and the victim are well known to each other and have been out together in social settings.

We will follow this development and report accordingly.