ALP has put our economic future in jeopardy, Goodwin says, and leader’s behaviour may have led to failure of his projects

Bruce Goodwin, Ambassador to Cuba under the United Progressive Party (UPP) Administration, is critical of the Antigua Labour Party (ALP), declaring it does not serve the interests of the people – only itself, members and circle of close friends.
Goodwin says the Labour Party’s actions have been counter-productive to the development of a successful society and the improvement of life for the ordinary citizen.
Further, he says, the economic future of Antigua and Barbuda is in jeopardy under this ALP administration.
According to Goodwin, many upstanding citizens and residents are shying away from the ALP because of the propagandist and slanderous behaviour of its leader and its members, in general.
The former ambassador says this type of behaviour works against the ALP when it is in government, and it could be responsible for the failure of the over 30 projects promised by PM Browne.