Attack with knife and scissors sends Tindale Road man to the hospital and into emergency surgery for serious wounds

Police continue to probe a stabbing in lower Ottos that landed a man in the hospital last week.
The incident was reported by a security officer at the Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre, who told Police that a man had arrived at the hospital with several stab wounds about his body.
As a result, officers went to the hospital and observed the Tindale Road man on a bed in the Emergency Room. Reports say the victim was bandaged, including around the head, and had other bleeding wounds about his person. 

According to reports, the man and a friend were sitting outside the fence of ZDK Radio when he was rushed by someone he knows as “GT” and stabbed multiple times with a knife.
The attacker is alleged to have also used a pair of scissors to inflict injuries to the victim, who was subsequently transported to the hospital.
Doctors say the Tindale Road man received superficial lacerations to the forehead and forearm; a tendon rupture to his right hand; and deep lacerations to his right cheek.
He received emergency surgery for the more severe of his injuries.