Victim appeals to bandit who robbed him at gunpoint to return his phone, on which critical medical information is saved

An All Saints resident is asking the man who robbed him to return his cell phone, since critical medical information is stored on the device.

The man tells REAL News he was held up, last week, by a man who was dressed completely in black with a T-shirt wrapped around his head. The incident took place at about 9:30 p.m. last Wednesday, November 9, in the parking lot of a Pentecost Church in All Saints.

Along with his Blu V91 cell phone, the victim says the gun-toting bandit relieved him of a bunch of keys and his wallet, with all his ID and bank cards.

Reportedly, the robber also wanted the keys to the victim’s pick-up, but he did not hand them over. Instead, the man ran to a nearby house where the home-owner called the Police.

The man is grateful that he was not harmed, but says the return of his phone would be greatly appreciated. Not only does he need the medical information saved in the cell, but the key to access his medication is stored there, as well, he says.