Harriette identifies Parham Market and Fisheries Complex for special attention by agriculture-focused UPP Administration

Since the revival of agriculture will be among the priorities of a United Progressive Party (UPP) Administration, special attention to the Parham Public Market and fisheries sector is being promised by the Candidate for St. Peter.
With Parham having been the first town in Antigua, and with the community’s current infrastructure, Tevaughn “Peter Redz” Harriette says that developing the market and fisheries sector is vital.

Under the Baldwin Spencer Administration, he notes, there was a thriving fisheries complex in the community; however, the facility and the sector have been left to run down under the Browne Government.
However, Harriette says, the sector can make a meaningful contribution to the economy once proper measures are put in place.
Meanwhile, addressing the Parham Marketplace, the UPP Candidate says that making it operational could ease the congestion at the St. John’s Public Market on weekends.