Pringle says his on-the-block consultations have been successful, and invites constituents to Swetes meeting tonight

Jamale Pringle, the United Progressive Party (UPP) Candidate for All Saints East and St. Luke, has come up with an innovative method of reaching the people of his constituency – in particular, the youth.

Pringle has been making himself available to constituents in an informal setting over several days, during which he hangs out with residents “on the block.”

Another one of these events is set for this afternoon, in Swetes Village, according to the Candidate.

Pringle, who is also the Leader of the Opposition in Parliament, says his initiative, so far, has been successful and he has been reaping the benefit.

This evening, he is inviting constituents to come out and discuss the issues that affect them, and to hear of his and the Party’s plans for the constituency and the country.