ABCRE member weighs in on British traditions and the need for constitutional changes 

Beverly Benjamin-George, a member of the group called Antiguans & Barbudans for Constitutional Reform (ABCRE), has weighed in on the discussion of old traditions that are vestiges of the British Crown.

The topic arose after what many consider an unimpressive Throne Speech, delivered by Governor-General Sir Rodney Williams last Thursday, to open the parliamentary year.

Many of the Nation’s citizens agree that it is time to take another look at what is considered an outdated constitution.

Benjamin-George, an attorney by profession, says there is no law in Antigua and Barbuda that requires the perpetuation of the Throne Speech. 

It is a tradition of the British monarchy that goes back to medieval times.  But, like many things we do in our homes, she says, the tradition continues.

She says she listened to a small part of the Throne Speech, but her interest is in the upcoming Budget Presentation and what it will offer.