Wehner asks whether Immigration protocols were followed, since dozens of Nigerians had booked no accommodations

George Wehner, the United Progressive Party (UPP) Mobilization Officer, is raising a concern about Immigration protocols and asking whether they were properly applied to the Nigerians who arrived on the Antigua Airways charter on Sunday.
The flight landed at the V.C. Bird International Airport on Tuesday, November 1, reportedly with over 150 passengers, who were promised entry visas on arrival.
Airport sources have confirmed that calls were hurriedly placed to several properties, seeking accommodation for the visitors.
This has raised a red flag, Wehner says, since arriving passengers are required to have the name and address of where, or with whom, they are staying.
Wehner says this deviation from the norm is troubling, given a prior situation in which a group of in-transit Indians disappeared from the property at which they were staying. They have not been heard from or seen since.
Accordingly, Wehner says, he hopes the relevant authorities are keeping a closer watch on these visitors to ensure that all depart at the end of their stay.
In the meantime, a business woman tells REAL News she understands that Marvelous Mike, the principal investor in Antigua Airways, did not travel on the flight here on Tuesday.

“Why wasn’t he part of this big inaugural trip?” she asks. “And where are the wealthy Nigerian investors we were expecting to come? Wasn’t that the whole point of this investment?”