Teen alleged to have robbed restaurant is shot during his escape, but injury is not life-threatening

A teenager who robbed a Desouza Road restaurant was reportedly shot and wounded while trying to flee the scene.
As a result, the 17 year-old is currently at the Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre nursing a gunshot wound to the leg, following the alleged robbery.
The police say the Tindale Road resident went to the Chicken Hub Restaurant and robbed the owners of the cash pan; and as he attempted to flee he was shot.
Reports say that, before he was transported to the hospital, the teenager was initially provided with medical assistance by a doctor who was also on the scene.
Further reports are that the wound to his left leg is not life threatening.
The incident reportedly occurred at around 12:49 a.m. on Monday, October 31. According to the Police, they are continuing their investigations into the matter.