After Philippe and Tammy, Potter says driving in Rural South has become a hazard; Executive says improvement is coming

The Cabinet has agreed that much-needed attention is to be given to
the constituency of St. John’s Rural South to improve the poor state
of some of its roads.

This news comes after Gladys Potter, the United Progressive Party
caretaker, complained that driving in the constituency has become a
hazard after the recent passage of two storms.

Tropical Storm Philippe, on October 2, and then Hurricane Tammy on
October 20 brought heavy rainfall and flooding in some areas. But
most of the damage to the roadways, which were already in a
deplorable state, came after the first weather system, Potter says.

According to Potter, Rural South does need urgent attention – not
only the roads, but the overall infrastructure, as well as those areas
with overgrown bushes that attract criminals.

Hence, she is calling on the Antigua Labour Party representative,
Daryl Matthew, to pay attention to the constituency and to begin the
work required for constituents to feel safe and more comfortable.