Barbudans’ attachment to communal land use will not end with the Privy Council ruling, MP Walker says

In spite of the Privy Council ruling that struck out the appeal of the two Barbudans who challenged the Paradise Found Act, 2015, MP Trevor Walker is dropping subtle hints that the fight will continue.

Antigua and Barbuda’s final appellate court handed down its 21-page judgment on Monday morning, June 13. It ruled that the claimants, Walker and McKenzie Frank, have no realistic prospect of succeeding in their claim under Section 9(1) of the Constitution.

The Judicial Committee of the Privy Council was the final legal avenue that would allow Barbudans to continue their centuries-old communal use of the land.

But while many residents believe the Government’s war is over, Walker is implying that the battle has not been won.

In spite of the judgment, MP Walker says, Barbudans are not prepared to play dead or to sit back and act like a certain way of life did not exist prior to the Court’s decision.

Further, Walker says that Barbudans believe the Prime Minister should conduct a poll on the sister island, since many have committed to not subject themselves to purchasing their land – even for the $1 that was offered.

Speaking about the judgment itself, Walker says he was saddened by the ruling, as were many other Barbudans.