Antiguan convicted of brutal murder of disabled Toronto woman receives life sentence; no parole possible for 17 years

Reportedly with no emotion on his face as his sentence was handed down, an Antiguan – Damien Allred, 43 – was sentenced to life in prison, in Canada, for the second-degree murder of an elderly woman. 

Allred, who once worked as a tattoo artist here, had been charged by the Toronto Police Service in connection with the death of 75-year-old Teresa Santos.

Media reports say the former Antigua Grammar School student will not be eligible for parole consideration before he has served 17 years.

Reports are that Santos was found dead at her home on August 11, 2020, in an apartment building where Allred also lived with his partner and three children.  

Santos, who reportedly was physically challenged and used a walker to move around, had last been seen alive on August 8.

Police reports say she received a number of injuries as a result of a beating by Allred, who is also alleged to have stomped on her chest causing her to suffer broken ribs.  Additional reports say that, upon the body being X-rayed, a knife was also found embedded in the woman’s head.

It is alleged that the Antiguan man became a suspect after a trail of bloody shoe prints led law enforcers back to his apartment. Additionally, his DNA was found beneath the woman’s fingernails.

A motive for the brutal murder was not established, but Allred allegedly had been suffering from anxiety and was being medicated for it. However, it is alleged that he had encountered work issues during the pandemic, and had stopped taking his medication.