Harriette lays out UPP’s plans for the St. Peter constituency – from clinics and trade school to sports and road repairs

A promise is being made to the constituents of St. Peter that a number of areas neglected by consecutive Antigua Labour Party representatives will be addressed under a United Progressive Party (UPP) Administration – with the foremost being healthcare.
Tevaughn “Peter Blue” Harriette has given this assurance, noting that the single operational clinic in the constituency, which is located in Parham, is not sufficient to serve the whole of St. Peter.
Harriette says it puts a burden on residents in the other communities to travel to Parham on a Tuesday to see the doctor.
Accordingly, he has earmarked a structure in Pares, which once housed a clinic, for refurbishment.
Another initiative that Harriette plans to pursue is the construction of a trade school in St. Peter to cater to persons who might have left school before completing their secondary education.
Too often, the UPP Candidate says, these young people become hooked on drugs or alcohol, while there are those who resort to prostitution.
Harriette sees a trade school as providing a second chance for these persons, who would be taught real-life skills by professionals in a number of disciplines, including masonry and carpentry.
Participants will receive a certificate upon completion of the six-month training programme, the Candidate says. Those wishing to start their own business will be provided with further assistance, including funding and the preparation of a business plan, he adds.
Harriette, a lover of sports and a former member of the Parham and National Football Teams, says that sports will not be overlooked. And he notes that, at present, the facilities in the constituency are sub-par, at best.
As with other communities, infrastructure is a big problem in St. Peter.
Harriette says the area from Lightfoot to Factory Road, between Paynters and Gunthorpes has very nice homes; however, the roads are in a deplorable state.