Residents concerned that former US Air Station houses medical students, alongside prison, and are asking who collects the rent

Information is coming to light that the premises of the former US Air Station in Coolidge are being rented to medical students, and concerns are being raised about the conflicting uses of the compound.
REAL News correspondent George Wehner broke the news today, October 25, on Progressive FM’s Morning Bush Tea Show.
The former military base is known to be in use as a prison for an ex-British police officer who was convicted of rape, and as the Detention Centre for the Immigration Department. However, it was not commonly known that the base also housed these students.
The premises are owned by the Social Security Scheme; therefore, members of the public are asking who is collecting the rent from the almost 40 medical students reported to reside there.
Wehner says the facility is a public asset and, therefore, the people of this country deserve to know.

Meanwhile, Wehner admits that the set-up is very confusing. Therefore, he is asking what, exactly, constitutes a prison and whether persons are free to move in and out of the compound of a designated prison and detention facility.

Other persons are asking REAL News how the authorities could allow students to occupy the same compound on which a convicted rapist is incarcerated – with some Northside residents claiming that the prisoner is not even closely confined.

“How safe can that be?” asks the mother of two teenagers. “Wasn’t it a medical student that the man raped in the first place?”

Others are noting that the Immigration Department’s facility is also not secure, given that a number of detainees escaped from a locked area and absconded from the compound earlier this year. To this day, they have not been found, and sources say they left the country by boat.
Wehner, in the meantime, is also disgusted by the condition of the compound, where overgrown vegetation creates a stark contrast to its previous condition.
On the eve of the country’s 41st anniversary of political Independence, this is not good enough, Wehner says, and the condition of the compound appears to be a reflection of those who now hold public office.
Sources say the section in which the students reside is known as Linda’s Suites. Locals are asking who, exactly, Linda is.