Enforcement of the seatbelt laws is paying off, reports Traffic Department Head, as drivers and passengers avoid steep fine

Police enforcement of the country’s seatbelt laws is reaping success, according to Assistant Superintendent of Police Rodney Ellis, head of the Traffic Department.
For the past month, officers have stepped up policing in this regard, and quite a number of motorists have been ticketed and had to pay the increased fine.
Accordingly, Ellis says that motorists and their passengers are now following the law, so the stepped-up vigilance by the Department has proven successful.
He reiterates that seatbelts are life-saving mechanisms and the drive for compliance was not a money-making venture.
The legislation – the Vehicle and Road Traffic Enforcement and Administration Order, 2022 – increased the seatbelt fine from $200 to $500. The Act was amended and passed about three months ago.