Young Jamaican woman found dead in her Tindale Road home, the second such death in months; police are investigating

The Police are probing the death of a 23-year-old woman whose body was discovered at her Tindale Road home on Saturday, October 22, at about 9:18 p.m.
Reportedly, she was found by the operator of Cheetahs Night Club on Joseph Lane, who became concerned when she did not show up for work as scheduled, at 6 p.m.
When the employer inquired of the other workers as to the young woman’s whereabouts, they reportedly said they had not heard or seen her for the day.
As a result, the nightclub owner decided to go to the young woman’s home to check on her – and discovered her dead in her room. The employer reportedly ran from the house and immediately called 911.
The Police confirmed that they received a call about a sudden death, and a contingent of officers – from the Grays Farm Police Station and the Serious Crime Unit – responded.

They reported that an initial examination of the body showed no marks of physical violence. The dead woman – said to be a Jamaican – was found on a bed, lying on her back and partially dressed in a southeastern bedroom. From the knees down, her legs reportedly were hanging off the side of the bed.

According to a source, the Police observed that there was froth coming from her mouth and nose.
The body was pronounced dead at about 10:32 p.m. by Dr. Affie Charles-Barton, the district doctor. The coroner, Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh, was informed, and the remains were removed to Barnes Funeral Home for storage.
The Police reportedly have processed the scene.

The decomposing body of another Jamaican woman was discovered in her Lower Gambles apartment only a few months ago. Reports said, then, that she was found half-clad in her bathroom.

It was the presence of flies at the apartment’s windows that alerted persons to her death, since she lived alone and reportedly had no relatives in Antigua.