Rural West MP makes a case for an expansion to the qualifying threshold for People’s Benefit Programme

Still on his mission to champion the cause of the working-class people of this country, Member of Parliament for St. John’s Rural West Richard Lewis has proposed an increase to the threshold for one of the country’s most-subscribed social programmes.

Presently, residents must make less than $800 per month to qualify for the $215 food subsidy under the People’s Benefit Programme.

However, Lewis noted that many individuals make more than $800 per month but are still struggling financially.

He therefore called on the government to raise the threshold so that individuals who make up to $1,500 per month can qualify.  

The Rural West MP said time is of the essence in making this change in order for the vulnerable to get much-needed assistance.

The People’s Benefit Programme was introduced by the Baldwin Spencer administration and targeted persons who were economically disadvantaged and allowed them to purchase food and selected personal items at designated outlets.