UPP denies Troy Allen’s accusations and calls on Police Commissioner to investigate his knowledge of criminal activity

Following what have been deemed “nasty” and “slanderous” attacks from radio host Troy Allen on Pointe FM Radio, the Leadership and Executive of the United Progressive Party (UPP) issued a press statement today, October 20.

According to the statement, the Party categorically denies and condemns the “scurrilous accusations” made by Allen.  

Further, it tells REAL News, a letter of complaint to Police Commissioner Atlee Rodney has been drafted while consultation on legal action is underway.

The statement says that Allen, “knowingly and willfully, accused the UPP of involvement in criminal activities, not only in the past, but stated that the Party is behind the spate of unlawful acts that now have residents fearing for their safety and security.

“These filthy lies and dangerous statements have been widely broadcast, locally and internationally, doing damage to the good name and character of the Party and its membership,” the statement adds.

The Party notes that – despite the wide dissemination of the defamatory accusations – the owners and management of the radio station have not condemned, distanced, or apologized for Allen’s “outrageous display of political partisanship.”

But, given the dangerous nature of the accusations, the Party fully expects the Police Commissioner to act “without fear or favour” and investigate Allen and determine what he knows about the criminal activity now taking place.