Altercation between cops at Vice Nightclub reportedly puts constable at risk of termination for ‘discreditable conduct’

An officer is facing termination from the Police Force for what a source terms “discreditable conduct.”

According to the source, the officer was with a male friend at the Vice Nightclub at Old Runway when he began to create a scene in front of, and with, his fellow officers.

Reports say that on Saturday, December 3, at about 1:45 a.m., a security officer approached a policeman who was on duty at the club and informed him of a situation.

The officer, according to the source, approached a young man who was smoking in the club, which reportedly has a no-smoking policy. The young man was in the company of an off-duty constable.

As the on-duty policeman was attempting to escort the offender outside, a scuffle reportedly ensued between the young man and another club-goer. Both of them were eventually removed.

It is alleged that, while the officer, a constable in rank, was engaged in conversation with the pair, the off-duty officer exited the establishment armed with a Guinness bottle.

It is further alleged that, using expletives, he inquired what his friend had done and attempted to pelt the bottle at his fellow officer.

Yet another officer reportedly approached the irate cop and attempted to calm him down, reminding him that he is a police officer; however, he was ignored.

By this time, the source says, a crowd had gathered; and while some persons were telling the off-duty officer to calm down, reports say he continued to spew indecent language.

Again, several attempts reportedly were made by the officer to assault his colleague with the Guinness bottle; but he was prevented from doing so by the officer holding his hands.

An eyewitness describes the policeman’s conduct as aggressive toward his fellow officers who were seeking only to calm him down.  The woman says that the officer’s behaviour also caused his friend to disrespect the policemen on the scene.

The man’s conduct reportedly deteriorated to the point of shoving one of his colleagues, resulting in a scuffle that had to be parted. It is also alleged that he slapped a female employee of the club across the face.

Officers from the Special Services Unit reportedly were called, since the life of the on-duty officer was threatened.  However, by the time another policeman arrived, the disruptive constable had left the area.

The source says that, at about 3 a.m., he returned to the club shirtless.  Reportedly he circled the parking area twice and was said to be wearing a threatening look while focusing on his on-duty colleague.