Senator Tabor says economic growth in 2021 was not felt in the pockets of the ordinary people

Senator Damani Tabor says the 5 percent growth that Antigua and Barbuda reportedly experienced in 2021 is not being felt by ordinary citizens and residents.

According to the Government, the IMF said the country’s economy had grown by that percentage last year, and it envisages a 6 percent growth rate in 2022.

During its Article IV consultation, the Government claims, the international lending agency praised Antigua and Barbuda for its outstanding performance last year in spite of the harm caused to economies worldwide by the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, while the country might have experienced some growth, Tabor says the people are not feeling it in their pockets. There might have been some money flow, he says, but the people did not benefit since no new jobs were created.   

Tabor notes that the GDP of some other countries is triple the size of ours; but, similarly, their poorer classes do not feel the economic growth.

Under a United Progressive Party Administration, however, economic growth will be felt by all, Senator Tabor assures.