Social Security staff evacuated after report of bomb in London House Building; Police search and then give the all-clear

What was expected to be a normal workday at the Social Security Scheme turned out to be one of panic for staff at the Long and Cross Streets location, after a bomb threat was received Monday morning, October 3.

Reports say that a female employee was engaged in a telephone conversation, at about 9:20 a.m., when the caller instructed her to notify the Police Commissioner that a bomb had been placed in the building.

Action was immediately taken and staff members at the London House building – in addition to the Scheme’s Independence Drive location – were evacuated.

Further reports say the K-9 Unit and other police officers quickly converged on the scene and a search of the building was conducted.

REAL News correspondent George Wehner broke the story on Progressive FM and later visited the scene. He spoke with David Matthias, the Scheme’s Executive Director, who said that an all-clear had been given and, therefore, the staff had returned to duty.