Tabor says second warning received, this time from water expert, about engagement with INNOTECH

Senator Damani Tabor has revealed that the United Progressive Party (UPP) has received further warning about INNOTECH, the Barbados-based company with which the Browne Administration has discussed technology for leak-detection and the provision of waste-collection services.

Earlier, Political Leader Harold Lovell cautioned the government to do its due diligence before entering into any contract with the company, which has been in litigation with the Barbados water service over money. 

Now, Tabor says that a regional expert in water production also gave a caution about the company, during a Zoom meeting last Thursday.

In the meantime, Tabor says the Party is currently dialoguing with experts from around the world, as the UPP seeks out technological options to permanently solve the country’s water challenges.

By doing this, Antigua and Barbuda would be placed on a long-term stable footing, the Senator says.