Former cop who was beaten in prison seeks justice for injuries he suffered and assistance for further medical treatment

Almost three years after he was released from Her Majesty’s Prison, former Police Constable Joseph Peters reportedly is still seeking medical treatment for injuries he sustained while serving his sentence.

An inside source tells REAL News that Peters was beaten severely – allegedly by prison officers – while in custody. The source further alleges that although he was seriously wounded, the authorities kept the former policeman hidden in a cell until another inmate made the matter public.

The source claims the injured man was not seen by a prison doctor until 10 days after the alleged beating, during which his nose was fractured.

Reportedly, the doctor was appalled that medical attention had not been sought earlier, and Peters was permitted to undergo surgery.

While further surgery was recommended on his discharge from prison, the injured man reportedly has been unable to access treatment for his damaged nose.

Neither has Peters been able to get justice for the beating he endured, the source says – despite the matter having been reported to the Police authorities.

“To date, the matter – which is an indictable offensee because of the extent of Peters’ injury – remains somewhere in a drawer at the Criminal Investigations Department (CID),” the inside source charges. “No arrest has been executed although the perpetrators were named and identified by Peters,” the source alleges further.

Reportedly, the injured man has made numerous – but futile –appeals to the Police authorities, since he is unable to afford a lawyer to further the matter, and because he is not able to pay for the additional surgery he needs.

The source says he is making the matter public now in the hope that the Police Commissioner will launch an investigation and charge the persons responsible for Peters’ injuries. He also hopes the former police officer will get the justice he deserves – as well as assistance to pursue medical treatment.

Peters, along with the mother of a then-minor girl, had been convicted and sentenced to four years in prison for corrupt practices with respect to the child.