Minister of Health’s claim of many COVID deaths among local children is a lie and a scaremongering tactic, Lovell says

Harold Lovell is asserting that Sir Molwyn Joseph’s claim of having seen “many children” die from COVID-19 here in Antigua and Barbuda is a lie.

Lovell, the Political Leader of the United Progressive Party, has several questions for Joseph, the Minister of Health, including when these deaths were reported and whether they are included in the current dashboard figure of 144 virus fatalities.  

In a presentation to regional journalists, Sir Molwyn said that officials in his Ministry are already discussing COVID-19 inoculation for children, and he believes that regional governments should consider adding the vaccine to their regimen of immunizations.

Accordingly, Lovell believes the Minister used the claim of “many deaths” as a scaremongering tactic and to drive home his point about the vaccine.

The Party’s youth arm, Progressive Youth, has already called out Joseph, saying he should provide the evidence to back up his claim of witnessing these child-deaths.

To date, no statement of explanation, correction or apology has been issued by Joseph or the Ministry of Health.