Malicious damage of vehicles continues although the would-be-thieves are finding little of value

The spate of malicious damage to vehicles that is taking place across the island continues to be investigated by the Police, while these offenses continue to be reported.

Two such incidents recently occurred on Din Din Road in the Grays- Green community.

One man reported to the Police that an unknown person had damaged the left front window of his white Altezza motor car, which had been parked in front of his home.

The person used a hard object to break the glass and gain access to the vehicle’s interior from which he stole approximately $5 and a number of coins.

At about that same time, a second vehicle was broken into on the same street, but nothing was taken. In that instance, the right rear window of a Honda Tucson jeep was deliberately broken.

Two similar incidents took place in All Saints on the same day and at about the same time.

An All Saints woman reported that the left rear quarter glass of her red Toyota Vitz had been broken out. The person inserted his hand through the space in order to unlock the door and then ransacked the vehicle; but nothing of interest was found.

In the second incident, the right rear quarter glass of another Toyota Vitz was broken, so the offender could unlock the door. This vehicle, too, was ransacked, but nothing of value was taken.

A source says that quite a few of these reports have been made, and residents should secure their vehicles inside their yards, if they can do so.

The current economic situation is forcing many people to commit crime in order to survive, the source says.