Farmers need to look out for each other to reduce praedial larceny, veterans George and Christian agree

Veteran farmer Caudley George says his colleagues should be looking out for each another, since the authorities have not yet put proper mechanisms in place to deal with praedial larceny.

The theft of produce and livestock has been a vexing issue, and continues unabated, especially at this time when many people are out of work.

George says that farmers have been left to cope on their own, since neither the Police nor the Government is doing anything.  Therefore, he says, farmers must begin to be their neighbour’s keeper.

Meanwhile, Alvin Christian, the well-known farmer and water-management consultant, agrees with George.

Christian, who has been the target of thieves for several years and up to recently, says it was a neighbour who notified him – at least on one occasion – of intruders being on his farm.

The Police claimed, only a few weeks ago, that they are taking the matter of praedial larceny seriously and have stepped up their efforts to investigate and charge offenders.