Progressive Youth call on Health Minister to provide proof supporting claim of many local child deaths from COVID-19

Members of Progressive Youth, the official youth arm of the United Progressive Party (UPP), are calling for evidence from the Minister of Health, Sir Molwyn Joseph, to support statements he made about child deaths from COVID-19.

Sir Molwyn reportedly told Barbadian journalists he had witnessed the deaths of many children here from the virus.

Jonathan Wehner, one of three youth who launched a new digital programme on Monday night, says the statements are a very serious matter.

Accordingly, Wehner says that Sir Molwyn should produce proof of his claim, as Health officials, including the Chief Medical Officer (CMO), have been saying otherwise since the pandemic started over two years ago.

He is calling for an inquiry by these officials into what might have been the cause of all these deaths among young children when it is not common for children to die from the disease.

Sir Molwyn claimed the children died after having contracted the virus from their parents or members of their family.