Gov’t-issued ID will suffice to claim Voter’s Card when persons have lost their receipt, according to ABEC’s policy change

A policy change has been initiated by the Antigua and Barbuda Electoral Commission (ABEC), making the collection of Voter Identification cards much simpler.

The change is part of ongoing efforts to encourage newly registered voters to collect their ID Cards, which has proven to be a challenge, to date.

The seven-member body agreed that, where the Registration Certificate (or receipt) is unavailable, a person can now use any form of government-issued identification to collect their Voter’s ID Card.

“In this regard, the practice of visiting the Head Office, on Queen Elizabeth Highway, to collect a copy of the (registration) certificate is officially discontinued,” a notice from ABEC says.

This decision was taken at the Commission’s July 6 meeting, and all Registration Units reportedly have been notified of the change. They are expected to act accordingly, the Commission says.