Ministry of Education officials pleased with this year’s Grade 6 Assessment results, as Baptist Academy takes top honours

Elyssa A.M. Athill of the Baptist Academy is this year’s top student in the 2022 Grade Six National Assessment.

 Athill received 387 marks out of a possible score of 400.

Most of the top performers came from the private primary-school system, as is customary; however, two government schools, Old Road Primary and Urlings Primary, also performed admirably in the exams, with Kezia Thomas of Old Road Primary scoring above 370 marks.

The Education Officer for Measurement and Evaluation, Ineta Francis, gave the details of the results during a Ministry of Education press conference on Friday morning, July 1.

Performance in many of the subject areas was better this year than in 2021. There was some improvement in language arts and science, while mathematics and social studies saw a slight drop from last year.

Additionally, the performance of male students also improved, with 15 boys from Baptist Academy scoring in the Top 100.

Francis says the Ministry of Education is pleased with the overall performance of the students this year.

Director of Education Clare Browne also expressed satisfaction with the students’ performance, given the classroom time that was missed over the past three years because of the pandemic.

Some 1,388 students from 27 public and private primary schools sat the annual evaluation examinations, as well as three students who were homeschooled.