More AstraZeneca vaccines to be received to increase stocks since 25,000 people remain unvaxxed

The country is expected to receive 19,000 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccines within the next two weeks to supplement those in stock.

Chief Medical Officer Dr. Rhonda Sealy-Thomas has given assurances that there are sufficient vaccines in storage to complete the double vaccination of those who have had only a single dose administered.

Antigua and Barbuda has on offer five different vaccines. There are several challenges that still face the Nation as the economy reopens, and the Government is counting on vaccination to solve them.

Health officials have confirmed that over 52,000 nationals and residents have been fully inoculated and over 5,000 are partially vaccinated.

Therefore, this means that an additional 25,000 people need to be vaccinated in order for the country to get to community immunity. 

Meanwhile, as Health officials continue to fight the pandemic and reduce the number of people infected by the virus, the Government will also be seeking to add the newly developed Merck pill to its arsenal.

Prime Minister Gaston Browne says he has instructed the CARICOM Secretariat to seek not  only vaccines, but the COVID prophylactic pills, from the US Government.

Prime Minister Browne should have met with the US Ambassador and her delegation on Thursday, November 11, and was expected to raise this issue.

Meanwhile, the Executive is preparing the Health sector to administer booster shots to the most vulnerable individuals. These would include persons  whose immune system is compromised and high-risk members of the population.

The Cabinet is therefore requesting that the National COVID-19 Technical Working Group review the relevant evidence and guidelines ahead of this initiative.