FedEx storage shed yields another marijuana find, this time worth nearly $100,000, Police report

A joint drug-interdiction operation at the V.C. Bird International Airport’s FedEx storage shed – the second within three days – has netted almost $100,000 worth of marijuana.

Reports say that officers from the K-9 Unit and the Customs Enforcement Unit conducted the exercise at about 4 p.m. on June 24, during which they seized 12 cardboard boxes containing 12 vacuumed-sealed packages with cannabis.

The boxes and their contents were transported to Police Headquarters, where the substance was weighed and found to be 12 pounds. The drugs have an estimated street value of $96,000.

Investigations into the discovery are ongoing, Police say.

There was a similar operation at the FedEx storage shed on June 21, when five pounds of cannabis were discovered in six vacuumed-sealed packages inside a cardboard box. That seizure carries an estimated street value of $40,000.

Investigations into the discovery are also continuing.

Residents are asking about the “sudden” vigilance of law-enforcement officers, who, almost on a weekly basis, have been seizing shipments of cannabis or its products.

They say they are baffled at the absence of prosecution, however, amid reports that certain persons recently held have been released on fines only.

“They know who they are working for,” says one resident, who claims to be close to the drug operations. “That’s why when the Police hold these guys they have to let them go,” the man, a fellow-employee, says.