Amidst ongoing complaints of water shortages, UPP asks Govt to remove taxes on all imported water-storage supplies

As complaints continue to be heard across the island about the irregularity of pipe-borne water, the United Progressive Party (UPP) is advising the Government to immediately removal all taxes on the importation of water-storage supplies.

Lovell charges that Prime Minister Gaston Browne has botched the delivery of adequate water to the people, despite spending millions and promising them the world – and notes that Browne has missed every deadline set for improved water service.

He recalls that the PM had even resorted to blaming the staff of the Antigua Public Utilities Authority (APUA) – accusing them of sabotage – in order to distract from his failed leadership.

According to Lovell, Browne is clearly out of his league in addressing the water issue and owes the hardworking staff at APUA an apology.

Lovell says the Nation was told that the water problem would be solved by September 2022; but, to date, in spite of more Reverse Osmosis (RO) plants having been commissioned the issue has not been resolved.

The Political Leader says the UPP recognizes that a permanent fix for these challenges will not be accomplished overnight, and notes that APUA, despite its best efforts, will not be able to correct the problem in the immediate to short term.

However, the UPP is pledging to put the necessary plans, policies, programmes and personnel in place to address the water challenges in a comprehensive way.

In the interim, while the Party is working towards long-term solutions, it believes that other measures should be taken to improve water storage among low-income families, small farmers and small businesses.

He reiterates that a UPP Administration would implement the Party’s Water Tank and Equipment Relief (WATER) Programme – and not the idea copied by the Antigua Labour Party in which water tanks were distributed only to supporters.

Lovell says that a caring government would have enough empathy to waive all taxes related to the importation of water tanks, equipment, and other fixtures and fittings in light of the economic hardships the people are currently undergoing.  

In this regard, he says, a UPP administration would ensure that relief comes to the people.