Rank and file among the law-enforcement fraternity pay tribute to a strong disciplinarian, former Commissioner Smith

The Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda and several law-enforcement agencies are paying tribute to former Commissioner of Police Truehart Smith.

An official press release from STRATCOM notes that members of the Force are saddened by the news as they mourn Smith’s sudden passing.

Deputy Commissioner Everton Jeffers, who is acting in the absence of Commissioner Atlee Rodney, says that Smith was a family friend. He describes him as “a strict disciplinarian, a man of impeccable deportment, and a good investigator.”

Commissioner Rodney, who is in The Bahamas attending a regional meeting, also gave a reflection on the former commissioner.

Rodney says, “My memory of Commissioner Smith is that he was a strong disciplinarian and one who was an extraordinary criminal investigator.”

He says Smith’s physical presence represented strong policing in areas of deportment and paying attention to every detail.

A number of other officers who worked along with Smith also expressed similar sentiments about the former top cop. Also paying tribute is Chief of Defence Staff Colonel Telbert Benjamin and Comptroller of Customs Raju Boddu.

Smith joined the ranks of the Police Force on July 11, 1962; came up the ranks; and was appointed to head the Force from 1999 to 2003.

He was awarded the Queens Police Medal, QPM, and was also honoured with The Most Illustrious Order of Merit for distinguished contributions to The Force.

Smith died in The Cayman Islands while receiving medical treatment.