Police recapture suspected armed robber who escaped on his way to prison; new charge for this offence is likely to be laid

The search for a 27-year-old man who is accused of an armed robbery in Jolly Harbour, and who had escaped police custody, ended with his recapture this morning, June 1.

Rickardo Bassawan of Bennett Street, Villa, was found and taken into custody near his girlfriend’s home, and is now likely to face a fresh charge related to his escape.

Yesterday afternoon, May 31, the Police had issued a Wanted Bulletin for Bassawan after he escaped from them in the village of Potters, while being transported to Her Majesty’s Prison.

Moments before, he had appeared in the All Saints Magistrates Court on a charge of aggravated robbery, been denied bail, and remanded.

The Villa resident is accused of committing a robbery in Jolly Harbour last Saturday, May 28, during which he held a woman at knife point; forced her into her home; and made off with an undisclosed sum of EC and US currency.