Tabor speculates that PM Browne’s frequent trips are to secure campaign funds since local business support is drying up

Senator Damani Tabor alleges that Prime Minister Gaston Browne is desperate for money to finance the Antigua Labour Party’s election campaign, since many local businesses are withholding their usual funding and switching support to the United Progressive Party (UPP).

In the past several weeks, PM Browne has flown out of the country more often than over the last three years, some say.

Tabor speculates that the Labour Party’s money tree is drying up, and therefore these recent trips are to secure financing for its 2023 campaign.

He says the Labour Party is also seeking investors to present in its manifesto, but these will promise only ghost developments, much like YIDA.

Meanwhile, Tabor says many business owners are switching to UPP in order to ensure there are vibrant economic prospects going forward.

The Opposition Senator says that many of these companies have suffered under the Browne Administration, especially during the pandemic, during which no stimulus was offered to struggling business owners.

In the meantime, some residents have expressed the concern that the Prime Minister does not indicate whether he is out of the country on government business or otherwise – and the taxpayers have a right to know.