People’s Benefit Programme is still delivering for the most vulnerable, Operations Manager Louard assures the public

Laurie Louard, Operations Manager at PDV-CAB, is dispelling rumors that the social programme is no longer financially viable and says everything will be done to keep it going.

He reports that a large number of residents have benefited from its programmes, particularly in 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic reached here.

The People’s Benefit Programme, started in 2008, was meant to accommodate about 2,000 beneficiaries, who receive $215 monthly toward the purchase of food. 

However, at the height of the pandemic, Louard says, the State-run agency had to break its rule in order to ensure that those most in need received assistance.

About 125 new persons received the food subsidy during the pandemic, the Operations Manager says.

In spite of the challenges, including the US embargo on Venezuela, Louard says the programme continues to be funded and remains in operation for the benefit of the most vulnerable.