New Special Economic Zone includes marine spawning grounds, causing Wehner to worry about implications for food security

George Wehner is expressing concern about the impact of the new Special Economic Zone on the spawning areas of fish and other sea creatures in the Five Islands and Jennings communities.

The Gaston Browne Administration recently signed a licensing agreement with an entity known as the Western Imperial (WISEZ) -Millennia Montague Development Antigua Ltd.  It allows for land in these two areas to be converted to an economic zone, where multiple industries and businesses will be established.

Wehner – the United Progressive Party’s Spokesperson on the Environment and the Blue Economy – says he was shocked by  revelations about the deal last Tuesday, October 5. 

The developers have acquired 304 acres in Five Islands and 245 acres in Jennings, and Wehner is curious to know where, exactly, these lands are situated.

What is more disturbing than the location, Wehner says, is that the investors will be allowed to operate their own Customs Department.

Wehner points out that these areas are ecologically sensitive, with bio-diverse spawning areas for marine life and, ultimately, food security for the Nation.  And yet, he says, they are being given away to foreign interests.

Further, Wehner says he was alarmed to learn that the deal was signed in September, which recorded more COVID-19 deaths than in all of 2020, and when vaccination was being forced on the people.

He says the Gaston Browne Administration continues to rape and plunder Antigua and Barbuda.